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I Travel on Whales - Pen Paper

Inktober Day 20


amor en tiempos de ébola

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shots fired

rockets launched

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Polka Dot Superstar The Amazing World of Yayoi Kusama

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“It was hell growing up. My parents were two pieces of shit. You don’t know what it was like coming home from school and being afraid because your mom is flying on fucking drugs so you go and hide under your bed and listen to them scream and wonder whether your dad or your mom was going to kill the other one first. One time my dad told my mom that he’d kill her if she hit me again. He came home that night and saw my face bruised up, so he dragged my mom out of her room by the legs, lifted her up by her throat and pinned her against the wall. Her face was turning more and more purple and I was pulling on her legs trying to get her feet back on the ground. Cause I didn’t want to see my dad kill my mom. She always beat me and called me a piece of shit and told me that I was going to hell, but that was my mom.”

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Ashkan Honarvar


Gorgeous, must have!


Thomas Medicus, “Emulsifer.”

Thomas Medicus’s glass sculpture “Emulsifer" changes from a fish to a bird as it’s intricately created pieces are rotated.  Check out the epic video of the piece below.

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